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My flash...

2009-06-19 01:51:37 by RedBartlettLock

So you've probably heard that my dad wen to Tennessee and that he took the laptop with him. My flash is on the laptop so I can't really do anything until Sunday when he gets back.

It is almost done, and I DID FINALLY discover the problem. If I put the voices on streaming and then speed up the frames, that should work. :D

I think Capn MIGHT still have the link of my flash back when I first started working on it. If you ask, and if he doesn't mind, he can probably give it to you and you can have a little sneak peak.

So I'll get that finished.

Starring so far:

Cani (me) :3
KitKat (Capn)
and Cash will be added shortly......... where the hell is he anyways?

Oh well. So, if nothing goes wrong, unlike my last flash when my fucking laptop died and I lost everything, I should have it out in about 2 weeks or so.

Sorry for the wait guyz....

Fuck yeah! :D

Microsoft at E3...

2009-06-03 21:55:23 by RedBartlettLock

Okay. First off, I want to congradulate Microsoft. They showed some amazing stuff at E3.

So by request of a certain someone (not mentionaing any names), I'll do upcoming 360 stuff before I do an upcoming PS3 stuff.

-So upcoming games. Even though there's not as much as the Wii or PS3, they still have some great ones. They're introducing a bew Beatles Rockband, as well as a new Metal Gear Solid (traitors...jk), and a new Halo! That's right! A new Halo!

-So Microsoft has introduced a revolutionary new invention called "Project Natal". It is a 3d sensoring machanism that senses all of your movements without a remote. Although it beats the Wii in technology, it's only ment for simplistic games. No FPSs or anything like that, but still amazing.

Holy shit, guys!...

2009-05-30 14:59:48 by RedBartlettLock

High Voltage Software (the team making The Conduit) is currently making two more games alongside The Conduit! They are Gladiator AD and The Grinder!

Holy shit guys. These games look amazing and come june 16, the Wii will be just as hardcore as the 360!

Now let me start talking about teh games. Gladiator AD is a fighter. It takes place in like Greek times and your goal is to fight through this gladiator competition, to be the best. Now, even though the game is in its pre-alpha, guys..... it looks beautiful. Halo 3 didn't look this good in its pre-alpha. It may not be as good as the 360 AT ITS BEST, but I deffinitely think it will reach Halo 3 in graphics standards.

I saw Gladiators AD advertised on IGN and, surprisingly, for once, not a single fanboy flamed it. They all know it looks good. There's no denying it. There's nothing to say other than it looks beautiful so far.

Next, The Grinder. The Grinder is an FPS and it takes place in Southwest America and the entire area is infested with vampires, slashers, werewolves, and zombies. Your whole goal, I believe, is to form a resistance with all of the humans left in the area and to defend the human race. It's a lot like Left 4 Dead. It's practically Left 4 Dead on teh Wii. It's graphics, are beautiful as well. Even though it's in its pre-alfa, and the enemies and backrounds aren't done, some weapons (the pistol for example), I believe are done. The pistol has a lot of ingravings and details I hardly thought possible on any console, let alone the Wii. Anyways, it's awesome.

For those of you who don't know, we are also getting Monster Hunter 3, Redsteel 2 (this one will be finished unlike the last one), DeadSpace Extraction, No More Heroes 2, Silent Hill Shattered Memories, Tales of Graces, many more.

I will also post PS3 games coming soon in my next post.

So, I am STILL working on my goddamn flash, trying to figure out what the fucking issue is, but I'm trying to get it done.

Anyways, happy fucking Lockday to all! :D


2009-05-04 18:24:47 by RedBartlettLock

So I got some shit for my last post. Let me make it simple.

All consoles are great. Why be fixated on one console when you can love all of 'em? They all have their flaws, they all have their strong points. I just prefer the Wii because I prefer the controls. It all depends on what you like. So when I like the Wii over the others, does that make me a fanboy? No. Like I said, all consoles are great. If I hated all consoles but one and I was so stubborn as to not even consider the others, THEN I would be a fanboy.

In conclusion, don't be a fanboy. Really. There's no point to fanboyism other than to show how stubborn you are. Congrats on the great work Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft. You guys fucking rock! :D

Look out Lockday!...

2009-05-02 00:18:37 by RedBartlettLock

Okay, so Lockday is underway! Yes, I have been working on a flash but I've encountered a shitload of problems. So, I'm nervous. I'll admit it. But I'll try as hard as I can to submit something on Lockday.

So, Lockday is on May 26th. Be prepared to have NG completely flooded with LL videos and happy fucking Lockday to everyone out there, locks or otherwise and vote 5 on all of the LL submissions. :D

Some clarification...

2009-04-20 19:14:42 by RedBartlettLock

Okay. For those of you who have seen my Youtube profile, yes. I did have a video called "Why the 360 Sucks" favorited, BUT I don't hate the 360. I just don't prefer it over the other consoles and I don't know why it's such a huge deal. Okay. Yes. The 360 has awesome online, but other than that, its hardware is just terrible. Awful. If I'd want to pick a console out of the 3, it would be the Wii and second the PS3. ALSO, I'm not a "casual" Wii gamer. I'm very hardcore. I don't play it just at parties, or play shitty sport games such as Wii Sports. I play, Medal of Honor Heroes 2, Super Mario Galaxy, COD 5, SSBB, NFS Prostreet, No More Hroes, NFS Carbon, NFS Prostreet, so I DO take gaming seriously. I love the Wii for its gameplay and controls. Medal of Honor Heros 2 is just the most fun game ever because of JUST the controls. I also like them for reliability and their innovation.

Now, let me clarrify why I had the video up. Like I said, I don't hate the 360. The reason I have it up is because hardcore 360 fanboys are THE MOST stuck up, stubborn, iggnorant people I've ever seen and they rip on other consoles more than any other fanboys I've ever seen. I actually tend to lean more to the PS3 fanboy because most of them have logical sence.

Anyways, the Wii is proven to be a very strong system. It has 4 times the rendring power the origional XBox has, so don't even DARE bring up the subject, "The Wii is last-gen." It's aslo proven to do just as good of graphics any PS3/XBox game can have. It's just that the developers are too lazy to use the Wii's full potential. Don't belive me? Look up "The Conduit". 16 online multiplayer, Wii speak, AMAZING graphics, fully customizable HUD (even running speed), Button layout can be changed any way, and I mean ANYWAY, you want it to be.

So yeah. I hope that answers any questions.

The concert...

2009-04-13 12:20:51 by RedBartlettLock

So I wanted to surprise you guys with some pictures in shit but my sister lost the chord so I'll just have to tell you until I find that goddamn thing.

Okay. So I saw Avenged Sevenfold live, and there was also the beginning acts of PapaRoach, Rev Theory, and BuckCherry.

Now, the concert. I should just say right off the bat, it was probably the most fun I've had in my entire life. It was the CRAZZIEST concert I've ever been to. There was moshpits and like 6 people crowd surfing at a time, it was awesome.

Okay first off, I got there really early so I could get in front, but I also moved from the floor to the seats and eventually made my way towards the front again. Anyways, I went into the moshpit where I got to kick some ass without getting in trouble for it so that's always fun. Me, along with 150 other people crowd surfed. Yes, that's right. I was crowd surfing. Twice actually. I've always wanted to crowd surf so it was a really special moment.

Just when the day seemed like it was almost my best day ever, I got to touch the hand of Jaycoby Shaddix of Papa Roach. Then it was officially my best day ever.

Like I said earlier, I'll try to get some pictures to you guys. Bottom line, it was fucking awesome! :D

Comic War...

2009-04-09 22:01:52 by RedBartlettLock

It's starting again.

Bring it.

Comic War...