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Posted by RedBartlettLock - August 20th, 2009

I'll be on regularly starting tomorrow when I fly back to Texas.

Haha! I didn't pull a CashClock. :D

Posted by RedBartlettLock - August 9th, 2009

Yes. Just like last year. I'm going to Montana to visit some family. I'll be back in two weeks, but I should be able to get on every so often. I'll have to go to the library to get a PC.

See you guys later. :D

Posted by RedBartlettLock - August 4th, 2009

My birthday is tommarow. 18 years old. Holy shit. I'm an adult tommarrow.


My birthday was awesome! I'm going to see AC/DC! Black Ice tour! W00t! :D
Only problm, I have to wait 3 months.

Also, you guys don't have to make anything. I'm happy enough just to see you guys wishing me a happy birthday. :)

EDIT # 2:

So Capn wants to do a collab very badly. I'v seen him post to everyone requesting we do a collab. I'd just like to say, that when I get back into school and use CS3, then I can do it. I feel up to finally finishing something, but my laptops hardware broke down the first time and my flash's framerate was all fucked up. Now, the flash I was just recently doing STILL has a fucked up framerate.

So yeah. Once I get into school again and I have access to a school PC, how about we start a collab? :D

Posted by RedBartlettLock - July 30th, 2009

1. NES - Brought gaming back from the video game crash of 83 and 84. Without it, we wouldn't be playing today.

2. SNES - Probably had the best library of games than any console in history. It also had what most people say was the most important game in history, Doom, which ultimately lead FPSs to be what they are today.

3. Wii - Inovation is a good thing. :)

4. N64 - Had all time classics. Goldeneye, Vigilante 8, Super Mario 64, Donkey Kong 64, etc.

5. PS2 - Best selling console of all time and for obvious reasons. I was the first console to play DVDs and it had a great library.

6. PS1 / PSX - The very first consoles to ever play CDs and it also introduced new series such as Tomb Raider, Metal Gear, Twisted Metal, etc.

7. PS3 - Great console, best hadware of today. The only problems, it's very expensive, and it has frequent updates which take like 20 mins.

8. XBox - Unlike its counterpart, the 360, the XBox is tough, and durable. It also introduced many series like Halo, for example.

9. XBox 360 - It does have a lot of flaws but it still has the best online out there.

10. Sega Genisis - This console really should be higher up on the list, but it's had to find a place so just insert it wherever the hell you want. The Genisis was a huge part of my childhood. It was the very first console I EVER played and it introduced me to gaming. It also introduced me to my very first fanbase. The Sonic fanbase (not anymore. Sonic sucks balls now). It rivaled the SNES and it was VERY close until Sega introduced the addons which fucked it all up.


Atari 2600 - This should also be higher on the list. Just like the Genisis, put it anywhere on the list you want. The Atari 2600 was the very first home game console besides Pong. It started a worldwide phenomina. Without it, there would ultimaltely be no gaming. What led to the downfall of the 2600 and the company Atari itself was the dreadful game known as ET. The game is considered the worst game of all time. It was so bad, that 5 million copies were burried in a desert out in the middle of a desert in New Mexico.

NES Toploader - Just like the NES, only it loaded from the top. This made the console more reliable and a lot of people prefered it over the NES because the NES does eventually break down due to its sideload which messes with the little prongs inside.


Posted by RedBartlettLock - July 27th, 2009

Hey, guys. Sorry, I haven't been on so much lately. I've been with my cuz who came over from Alabama, so I've been going out a lot lately.

Anyways, there's this place here in Texas called Game Over Video Games and it's basically a classic, to new gaming shop. I went in there, and you wouldn't believe the crap they had. They had an NES Toploader, The SNES 2, Phillips CDi, Atari 5200, Atari 2600, Atari 7800, Atari Jaguar, Colecovision, Intellivision, and MUCH MUCH more.

Anyways, I was there, and I saw Killer Instinct for the SNES!!!! I haven't played the damn game since I was like 8. I dropped my money down right there on the spot and bought it. It's a fighter game, and in my opinion, one of the best ones ever made. It's hard as hell, though.

They also had Super Smash Bros. (N64 version), which is rare to see anymore in a video game shop. NOBODY EVER trades in that game, so it was a pretty breathtaking to see it there. Sadly, it was $40 (yeah, an N64 game.) The man at the front was saying EVERYONE was trying to get their hands on it, but I didn't have the money with me at the time. I'ma try and get it next. Here's hopin'. :\

Posted by RedBartlettLock - July 9th, 2009

Yep. They did it. They officially did it. They officially killed the site. They censored all the comments that have curse words in them. Go to any video, and just type in fuck. Unless the author unchecked the censor, then it will show up as ****.

Apart from that, they're just flat out fucking up the layout of things. For the past month, whenever I'd read a message, it wouldn't show it as it was already read, so my inbox said I had 350 fucking messages. THEN, when they fixed that problem, now, when I read my all my messages, it says I still have 1 in my inbox that hasn't been read. So every time I see my inbox icon, it always shows (1) unready message, when really, there isn't.

PLUS, Youtube's kiddy enough as it is. Quit fucking it up for everyone so the little kiddys can be happy.

Now a list of the cursewords I can't say on Youtube anymore.

Damn (that's right. Damn)
Hell (I'm not bullshiting you!!! They censored HELL!!!)

So now, I'm gonna combine them into a super cursewords to piss off all the Youtube supporters.


Say that 5 times fast. :3

Sorry, everyone. I had to get that off my chest.



Within the first couple hours of the site censring all the comments, The censors went off. My guess is that Youtube just got flooded with haitmail immediately after censoring the site and I think they turned the censor back off again!!!

Fuck yeah!

Posted by RedBartlettLock - June 27th, 2009

Okay, I don't think that he ever did rape any kids. I highly doubt a multimillion dollar singer would do something so stupid. It's sounds more like a media bullshit more than anything. A lot of the people who accused him admitted to never being raped by him afterwards.

He died broke (because of all of the media's bullshit), and died not trusting anyone.

There was an incident when Michael Jackson was talking to these children after he was accused of being a pedophile and his assistant asked him:

"Michael, don't you feel uncomfortable? Everyone's staring at you."

His reply was:

"Children are the only people I trust anymore." Which is sad.

Think about it. The only reason any adults would treat him so well is because they want to get a piece of his money, or get him to admit to what he didn't do, or to get his picture and send it to all their friends, or some other bullshit like that.

I dunno. I just thought it was an interesting thing to mention.

RIP Michael Jackson. Without you, music would be missing a very important icon.

Posted by RedBartlettLock - June 26th, 2009

So I started working on my flash and I tried speeding up the frames and then putting the voices on streaming. It didn't work. >:(

The voices were in sync, but they'd always interupt each other halfway through.

Goddamn. I don't know what to do. Maybe I'll just reinstall Flash, update to the latest Flash Player, ANYTHING! I can't figure this shit out. >:\

Posted by RedBartlettLock - June 24th, 2009

So I have the game! I picked it up this morning and I'll give you a little review.


The best controls I've ever wittnessed hands down. The game is legendary for its customization. You can size, stretch, place, and even tint your HUDS, you can chnage the deadzone, you can change the running speed, sensor sensitivity, Wiimote thrust sensitivity, anything... you name it.


Obviously, they own just about every other Wii game. However, they do have SOME drawbacks. The graphics online aren't near as good as the campaign graphics and sometimes they do appear fuzzy.... well, the backgrounds do at least. The weapon graphics and charecter graphics are shockingly beautiful. The hands, for example, show every slight detail. From veins, to bone structure. The shading affects are also amazing. There's also some awesome blur affects. Like when you reload your weapon, since you aren't focused on your surrondings at the time, they blur the background as you reload, which just adds to the realism. There's also a really cool blur affect whenever you aim at an enemy through your scope. Everything but that particular enemy goes blur. Creating a sort of focus on that enemy. The last effect is when you start to run out of health. The screen starts to get pale, and the music stops and you hear the sounds of your heartbeat and heavy breathing. This adds a lot of dramatic affect.


The gameplay IS run-n-gun type gameplay. That out of the way, it is pretty predictable, although it is very suspenseful. You will often get many enemies thrown at you adding you to push your skills to the limit.

-Weapon selection

It doesn't dissapoint. All weapons are uinque in their own way.


Although the graphics are toned down a bit, it is still VERY addicting! It's very intense, I'll tell you that right now. Especially with a full game (12 players). It is compatible with Wiispeak (friends only unless you're in the lobby), and it has 13 game modes, and 9 maps. You'll find yourselves playing online for many hours. The games NEVER skip. At the worst, the slow down the frames per second.

IGN gave this game a 8.6. BUT the press averages give it a 9.2. I believe the game should get probably a 9. It's a great game. Not revolutionary (besides its controls), but is a lot of fun!

So should you get it? Well, considering that there's Monster Hunter 3, Red Steel 2, Metroid Prime: Other M, and lots of other great expected Wii titles, I'd wait and see how those ones are before making the final decision to go get it.

Posted by RedBartlettLock - June 22nd, 2009

Some fucknut fanboy sent out a fake review for The Conduit giving the game a 6.5. It was confirmed fake, but it was already spread all across the web! Probably acouple million people wont get the game because of that fake review!

Arg! You fucking fanboys! You people have to ruin everything! Now, our most anticipated game looks like shit right now. Thanks, faggots. >:\

For anyone who's wondering, the real review is right here. It's a magazine review.

http://i293.photobucket.com/albums/mm4 3/PDTempest/scan0001.jpg