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Go on ahead without me guys...

2010-09-29 17:51:11 by RedBartlettLock

Unless we start the collab during some kind of break, i can't do it. Too much shit goin' on.


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2010-09-30 10:12:08

Finally, an explanation. I understand that then. Sorry you can't find time :'(

RedBartlettLock responds:

Yeah, it's alright. :\ Next collab, hopefully, we can do one this summer.


2010-10-01 11:28:16

I'd hate to start without you but if you really think we should then..........uh.......I don't know what else to say.

See ya buddy

RedBartlettLock responds:

Yeah, have fun, guys. We'll do another one this summer.


2010-10-02 23:54:39

Explanations make me non-pissed.

I understand as it's either your senior year at highschool or your freshman year at college. Either way it's not really a good time for side projects.

I mean i was really looking forward to collabing with you again, so maybe we could finish up the script and all the prep-work without you and then when you get some time, we can start this bad-boy.

RedBartlettLock responds:

Nah, I don't wanna hold ya guys. Just start without me. I'll do what very little i can, if anything and we'll do another collab this coming summer.