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Don't leave NG!!!

2009-01-10 00:40:01 by RedBartlettLock

Just because I haven't been on as much doesn't mean I'm leaving soon. Talk to me guys! I almost never get any PMs nowadays. :(


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2009-01-10 00:47:44

You've never posted on the BBS, of course you aren't getting any PM's :(

RedBartlettLock responds:

Well, I don't really post on the BBS. I have enough of that shit at LL.


2009-01-10 02:50:42

NOw I feel bad for not visiting you as much as I used to but I'm not leaving and I also have something for you. I'll send it to you when I've finished it.

RedBartlettLock responds:

Naw don't feel guilty, dude. You're the only one who really PMs me now. Capn has been but just recently. Anyways, whatever you're making, thanks. :D


2009-01-11 12:32:47

Go to the NG BBS. I'm sad because you've been less active.

RedBartlettLock responds:

I should try posting here. O.K.
I'll give'er a try.


2009-01-12 12:46:46

I personally think that you and Capn have drifted apart...

Also, I've been here.

I just never use the PM system, I always comment on pages for some weird Under-Developed reason.

(Updated ) RedBartlettLock responds:

Oh. Lol. :P
I don't think we've drifted apart. We just don't talk AS much.


2009-01-12 21:48:06

Canistel, you have to be on more! Speeling is stealing your place on Mt. Olympus! Also, you and me need to talk more, you're my BFFO (Best friend forever online)

RedBartlettLock responds:

Lol. Never heard that one.
Yeah. I should get on more. I'll really try.


2009-01-12 22:37:56

You're a cool guy. I don't like how we've been out of touch recently. You know what would bring us together? working on a new flash.

RedBartlettLock responds:

Yay! :D


2009-01-13 17:41:12

Sooo, wanna get's some Cideh and get druunk of our socks?

*Stereotypical Irish Accent, FTW!*

RedBartlettLock responds:

Haha! Alchoholism is hilarious. xD
But yeah. I wouldn't mind having acouple drinks right now. High-school causes way too much stress. :(