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New Flash out!!!

2010-06-15 16:18:39 by RedBartlettLock

Vote 555 PLEASE!!!

Yay it passed! But it deserves a HELL of a lot more than a 2.01. The only thing wrong with it is that it's short. :\


2010-06-15 00:07:04 by RedBartlettLock

And I wanna make something! How about a collab that we... ACTUALLY FINISH! *GASP* :D

Pico Day 2010?!?!

2010-04-30 20:06:17 by RedBartlettLock

I completely forgot!

And where the hell are you guys?


2010-04-05 19:13:59 by RedBartlettLock

Life fucking sucks for me right now...

Too much bullshit to say in this one post...


2010-03-23 18:40:43 by RedBartlettLock

Talk about anything.... because I'm bored....

Entertain meh!

Hell yeah!...

2010-03-17 20:08:25 by RedBartlettLock

I'm goin' to see Cannibal Corpse!


2010-03-05 19:48:26 by RedBartlettLock

So she called back... She says she misses me and that she's been thinking about me all this time. She said she thinks she made the wrong decision.

Long story short, there's a LOT of things we needed to talk about and a LOT of things we agreed to work on. We're back together and I hope it's gonna last but who knows...

To show her how much I still care, I took her to the park and we sat and talked under this big oak tree 'til sunset... and... we were making out (that is, not having sex in any way, shape or form... Thank you Capn, n' Cash) up under thar too. ;D

So yeah... I'm fine, now. :)

I'm fucking tired...

2010-03-02 09:24:48 by RedBartlettLock


Texting while intoxicated...

2010-02-22 20:06:17 by RedBartlettLock

(423): just did ur sister
(1-423): We're fighting when I get back
(423): calm down bipolar bear..if it makes you feel any better shes really tight

And no. This wasn't me. I found it on the iPhone "Texting While Intoxicated" app.

Just thought it was fucking hilarious.

ANOTHER new post...

2010-02-06 21:56:37 by RedBartlettLock

Why? I wanted to tell you guys... I did it with my girlfriend today. ;)